The multimedia model in PDF requires /RichMedia annotations. This has the following consequences:

  1. Sound formats are limited to MP3.

  2. Multimedia rendition is performed through Flash.

  3. To get miliseconds in sound length and positions, a player that provides them is required—to avoid getting seconds only.

So it seems that I need to provide a special SWF player for sound that allows sound playing and uses miliseconds as time unit.

Code That Worked for Me

Full Screen Mode

app.fs.isFullScreen = true; toggles application to fullscreen (when it wasn’t before).

Advance Page

this.pageNum += 1; (or this.pageNum++;) goes to next page (but it needs a page number to be set before, such as this.pageNum = 0;).1

app.setInterval works in an unclear way (at least, to me):2

  • This seems to me the standard way of setting an interval (at least, this is the way it works in ActionScript):

      this.pageNum = 0;
      app.setInterval("this.pageNum += 1;", 200);

    The interval seems to be forgotten after not so many loops. The number isn’t constant and it isn’t related to the time.

  • Adding a .count seems to solve the problem:

      this.pageNum = 0;
      function GoToNextPage() {
          this.pageNum += 1;
      timeout = app.setInterval("GoToNextPage()", 10);
      timeout.count = 0


  1. The same applies to this.pageNum -= 1; or this.pageNum--;

  2. This might be explained in the setInterval entry from the API reference